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Why HomeSimple?


Dear San Diego
Rental Property Owner, 

Are you looking to rent out your home or apartment? Are you worried about late-night calls, maintenance problems, screening & placing tenants, landlord-tenant laws, and all the other BS that comes with being a landlord? 

You're not alone.  

Of the nearly 50 million rental units in the United States, around 41% are managed by owner-landlords. That's millions of people dealing with The Annoying Tenant™

- Pest Infestations 

- Late Payments 

- Emergency Calls 

- Breach of Agreement 

- Liability 

And the list goes on...

That's why more and more people are turning to professional property managers to manage their rentals.  

Instead of answering emails and calls from The Annoying Tenant™, you can go to dinner with friends, watch your son or granddaughter's Little League game, or sit around and watch an uninterrupted episode of Ted Lasso.  

Annoying Bubble (1).jpg

Benjamin Franklin famously said: 

"People spend their time to save money, when they should be spending money to save time." 

If you agree with wise old Ben, you're probably considering hiring a professional property manager. But who should you hire, and more importantly, what should you look for? 

I empathize with this question, as the number of options can be overwhelming.

Did you notice the dozens of sponsored ads when you Google "Property Management Near Me"?



Each company claims to have its own secret sauce...  


But the rarely uncovered secret in the industry is that all of this complexity leads to hidden fees and more dollars spent for property owners. A great example is the percentage-based fees that have become "standard" in the industry...

These arbitrary, percentage-based fees are designed to extract more money from higher-value homes... 


Without providing any additional value in return. 


We set out to change that, and make things easy and simple for our clients. Hence our name :)  

Our HomeSimple promise is this: 

  • We will take care of your property so you don't have to lift a finger 

  • We will provide more value than any other company  

  • And we'll do it ALL for a fixed low cost of $149/month 


We know the proof is in the pudding... 

So don’t just take our word for it. Read the dozens of 5-star reviews below. 


We hope to talk soon! 

The team at HomeSimple was very helpful when I needed help renting out a client's property. They are very professional and have great insight on the market. I look forward to referring business to them again.

Pietro DeLuca
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